Organized and flexible – Creative and innovative

We bring exceptional support for your scientific conference.


Our meetings attract an exclusive audience of 50 to 200 participants. We create an informal platform delivering a more intense scientific experience unlike other larger-scale conferences.

We are renowned for intimate atmosphere and extraordinary locations.

Our conference venues are of a high standard, located in culturally or naturally rich areas. It allows attendees to explore and socialize outside the conference, adding to the unforgettable experience of a scientific conference.


Organizing your scientific conference in central Europe we provide the following services:

Pre-Conference Services

  • Preparation of initial budget.
  • Creation of one or more dedicated new email addresses.
  • Design and hosting of conference website.
  • Design and printing for name tags.

Conference Support

  • Online support for participants.
  • Online support for organizers.
  • Interaction and negotiation with all suppliers.
  • Organization and coordination of all social activities.
  • Handling of all financial matters.
  • Post conference photographs/videos/presentations online.

Paper Submission and Evaluation

  • Submission form
  • Preparation of submitted data

Online Registration and Payment

  • Registration form
  • Payment form

Onsite Support

  • Onsite registration.
  • Supervision and coordination of all conference activities.
  • 24-­hour assistance to participants throughout the conference.
  • Organisation and coordination of technical support.


conferences specializes in organizing scientific based conferences.


To the conferences, specialist conferences are highly significant forums for communication, which is why the conferences team takes particular pleasure in helping scientists and other specialists prepare and organize their conferences.

In case that you are organizing an upcoming event and would like to know more about our services  please contact us for more details and/or a quotation at:

If you plan a scientific conference please contact us – we are pleased to find the perfect location for your meeting!


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